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High Balance loan limits

High-balance loan limits refer to the maximum loan amounts that can be considered for conforming loans in areas with higher-cost housing markets. These limits are set by the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) and are higher than the standard conforming loan limits.

The high-balance loan limits for the 58 counties in California can vary and are subject to change annually. 


1. Alameda County: $822,375

2. Alpine County: $647,200

3. Amador County: $647,200

4. Butte County: $647,200

5. Calaveras County: $647,200

6. Colusa County: $647,200

7. Contra Costa County: $822,375

8. Del Norte County: $647,200

9. El Dorado County: $647,200

10. Fresno County: $647,200

11. Glenn County: $647,200

12. Humboldt County: $647,200

13. Imperial County: $647,200

14. Inyo County: $647,200

15. Kern County: $647,200

16. Kings County: $647,200

17. Lake County: $647,200

18. Lassen County: $647,200

19. Los Angeles County: $822,375

20. Madera County: $647,200

21. Marin County: $822,375

22. Mariposa County: $647,200

23. Mendocino County: $647,200

24. Merced County: $647,200

25. Modoc County: $647,200

26. Mono County: $647,200

27. Monterey County: $647,200

28. Napa County: $822,375

29. Nevada County: $647,200

30. Orange County: $822,375

31. Placer County: $647,200

32. Plumas County: $647,200

33. Riverside County: $647,200

34. Sacramento County: $647,200

35. San Benito County: $647,200

36. San Bernardino County: $647,200

37. San Diego County: $822,375

38. San Francisco County: $822,375

39. San Joaquin County: $647,200

40. San Luis Obispo County: $647,200

41. San Mateo County: $822,375

42. Santa Barbara County: $647,200

43. Santa Clara County: $822,375

44. Santa Cruz County: $822,375

45. Shasta County: $647,200

46. Sierra County: $647,200

47. Siskiyou County: $647,200

48. Solano County: $647,200

49. Sonoma County: $647,200

50. Stanislaus County: $647,200

51. Sutter County: $647,200

52. Tehama County: $647,200

53. Trinity County: $647,200

54. Tulare County: $647,200

55. Tuolumne County: $647,200

56. Ventura County: $822,375

57. Yolo County: $647,200

58. Yuba County: $647,200


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